2023-2024 Committees & Committee Chairs

The New Orleans Estate Planning Council has a number of active committees. We welcome and encourage member participation on our committees; doing so is a great way to become more involved in the Council and get to know our Executive Committee.

If you are interested in participating in any of the below committees, please reach out to the Committee Chair to see how your talents and expertise may be best utilized.


The Programming Committee is chaired each year by the NOEPC President of the Executive Committee and is assisted by the Vice President to develop the programming for the five member meetings that the Council holds per membership year.
The Committee chooses the topics to be presented to the Executive Committee and assists in securing the speakers for each event.

Chair, Brent J. Sheppard


The Sponsorship Committee focuses on cultivating and obtaining both Annual Sponsors as well as Underwriters for specific events (including regular meeting of the  membership).  The Committee also serves as a liaison between existing sponsors and the Organization.

The Membership Committee seeks to identify and encourage new members to join the Council so that the membership remains diverse, vibrant, and current.


Chair, Brent J. Sheppard


The Membership Committee seeks to maintain, engage, and bring new members to the Council so that the organization remains vibrant and current.

Chair, Brent J. Sheppard


NOEPC Executive Committee